Motivations for Creating a Website

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This 3-part series of blog posts will take you from absolute zero to a live and functioning website.

Before things start to get complicated, let’s figure out your motivations. My recommendations will depend on your website intentions. Let’s break down your potential motivations into three categories:

1. A General Web Presence

2. Blog/ Content Publisher

3. Small Business

A General Web Presence

Let’s start with the first one. If you are simply looking to build a web presence (more of an “about me” page), try these:

Blog/ Content Publisher

If you are  looking for a blogging/ content publishing solution instead, you really don’t need anything too complicated. There are already a ton of resources and pre-built platforms that you can leverage. Here are a few options to check out:

Small Business

If your intentions are to build something a bit more complicated (e.g. for your small business), there are still a few relatively simple options:


If none of those options seem to satisfy your website needs, the next option I’d recommend is WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online, and proudly powers millions of websites. It comes in two flavors: the fully hosted, and the self-hosted version available at I recommended as a blogging solution, but for something more complicated than that I’d try next. (For more information on the difference between the “.com” and “.org” versions, read their explanation). You don’t have to be a computer software developer or pro web designer to use, and you get access to a ton of great features including pre-built templates, plugins for all types of functionality, and a simple way to update, review, and publish content.

To setup your own site from scratch, progress to Part 2 of this blog series: Create a Website from Scratch- Part 2: WordPress Setup

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