Quick Twitter Tips for Businesses

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Twitter instantly connects people everywhere to what’s most important to them.

Business benefits of using Twitter:

  • Connect with more people – with 6.5M active Twitter users today, there is a good chance that your customer demographic is out there
  • Gather information – instead of searching for industry news, let the experts come to you by following key users and topic specific hashtags*
  • Get discovered – people are searching for you so give them another way to find you by using specific hashtags*
  • Increase web traffic – when someone with 2,000 followers tweets a link to your website, some of those people will click that link

*Read more about hashtags now, or wait until the end of this post.

On Twitter, you can:

  • Tweet – make up your own content
  • ReTweet (RT) – parrot something someone else said
  • ModifyTweet (MT) – almost parrot something someone else said, but summarize it or change it a bit
  • DirectMessage (DM) – like a Facebook message, only way to communicate totally privately on Twitter

I find it useful to group these types of communications into 5 use-cases. In the use-cases below, an “influencer” is someone or some company that is a specialist in your space. These are the tastemakers or connoisseurs of the industry – you and your competitors look to them to learn what’s trending.

  • New content contributing to your space
  • RTs or MTs of influencers in your space
  • Clever recap tweets of influencers in your space
  • Thank you/ nice to meet you tweets
  • Conversation/ reply tweets

So what do these use-cases actually look like? Since my friend just started her own yoga business, I’ll make up some examples around her small business, Yoga with Sachi.

If you link to a website in your Tweet, I recommend shortening the link using a service like Bit.ly since you have such a limited character count. For the links in my following examples, I’ll use this fake shortened link (http://bit.ly/linkhere), but in reality replace this with a shortened version of the real link.

New content examples

RTs or MTs of influencers examples

  • Nicely said. MT @PeteGYoga It’s amazing how yoga starts as a physical program, but reveals something far more profound: our purpose.
  • Aw shucks! We’re honored. RT @LindsayLiebson: The @YogaWithSachi community is great practice with. Will definitely be my SF go-to yogis!
  • Agreed. RT: @ynspirations When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

Clever recap examples

  • Dedication as an athlete takes guts, heart, and tenacity. Love that the @YokiYoga community has it all.
  • How often should you practice yoga? More often than you think, according to @ChrisNMayaYoga.
  • “It’s not about the strength. It’s about the heart.” Heart #FTW says @YogaTree

Thank you/ nice to meet you examples

  • @LindsayLiebson Thanks for coming out and practicing with @yogawithsachi today! Hope to see you back soon.
  • @RealKrausWife Thanks for the Yelp review! We are thrilled that we helped brighten your day. See you next week!
  • An honor to meet and practice with @JudithYoga today. Thank you.

Conversation/ reply examples

  • @dwbrody We definitely have something that could work for you! Check out the “private lessons” tab on our website: http://bit.ly/linkhere
  • @HeyaShaya Such a great point. Fitness isn’t about age, it’s about attitude.
  • @Kdubs2991 Thanks for reaching out! To answer your question, you can easily sign up for classes on our website: http://bit.ly/linkhere


Hashtags make your content part of a larger thread – they mark keywords or topics in tweets. Hashtags are composed of a single word or phrase beginning with a “#” and with no spaces or punctuation. Think of it like choosing what a tweet is filed or categorized under. You can use hashtags to either start a new conversation, or join one that is already happening.

Hashtag examples of ongoing Twitter conversations:

You could make new hashtags to promote conversations around your events or programs. I’ll abbreviate her company name (Yoga with Sachi) to yws for these examples:

  • #ywsHandstandWorkshop
  • #ywsCompanyYoga
  • #ywsSundayFunday
  • #ywsDoloresPark

And finally I recommend checking out some of the Twitter streams of the people you follow (or businesses like you) and see how they use it. In the small yoga business’ case:

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